Spain, 15/7/2022


The training was coordinated by the project coordinator Acción Social por la Juventud. 

From the 28th of June until the 30th of June, the partner organizations of the Erasmus KA3 project Espolitica, met in the Spanish capital,Madrid, to discuss the upcoming steps that each organization will take to implement the project. 

The training focused on exploring different opportunities and exchanging of skills, as well as strengthening cooperation between the partner organizations. The training started  with a series of networking activities that gave the partners the space to know more about each other personally and professionally, in order to deepen the relations between the partner organizations and allow for more forms of cooperation in this project and after. The networking activities were followed by a recap of all the discussions and plans that happened during the online series of calls before the training , to ensure that all partners are aligned. 

During the training the partners worked on aligning their visions and ideas for the project, through exchanging their work plans, training agendas and content, best practices and tools. 

Four organizations also participated through carrying out different presentation about topics such as : Non-violent communication, sports as a tool of women empowerment, feminism and youth goals. 

Additionally, part of the training focused on the challenges that faced each partner organization in writing and/or implementing the project , and giving space to all participants to share their solutions, suggestions, tools, and best practices, in order to help each other overcome the challenges and increase the quality and efficiency of the projects. 

As reaching out to the youth and knowing their needs is an essential part for the objectives of this project, a workshops called”Youth goals” was implemented. The workshop focused on Youth goals and how to understand the needs of the youth today and try to satisfy those needs through the content of our project. In addition, multiple outreach tools were discussed as well, as an effort to help the partners attract the right participants for the project and reach out to the youth that need this educational experience. 

After the training course, every organization returned back to the community where they will implement the project, with new ideas and tools and means of cooperation. Now each partners will work on the implementing and completing the Espolitica school with youth from their local communities. 

Stay tuned to know the updates of the project! 🙂

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